ASTRO is a Company with Certified Quality System EN ISO 9001:2015.

Since forty years ASTRO produces linear polyethylene tanks and containers with the rotational moulding system, distributing them on the domestic market and all over Europe, through a consolidated sales network in France, Germany, England, Spain, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal.

ASTRO product is extremely successful in so many countries as it is able to meet the wide rang of different requirements found in Industry, particularly in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Textiles, Food, Industrial Dyes, Water treatment plants and waste disposal sector.

The company's activity covers the whole production cycle :
- from design to the construction of the moulds ;
- from production of the manufacture to its working ;
- from construction of the metallic structures (with finishing painted, galvanized or stainless steel) to their assembly with plastic tank.
- fitting of different accessories, on completion.

All these operations are undergo to numerous quality controls that make ASTRO product leader in term of quality and reliability.

The wide range of products, in continuous expansion, is made up of over 650 base models, with an unlimited number of variants that bring the commercial offer to more than 10.000 proposals.

Each tank model can be produced in no. 5 different thickness versions that make it suitable to a wide range of storable mediums.

We thank our esteemed Customers for allowing us to obtain these results, confirming us during these years, his confidence and his appreciation for what has been achieved up to now.