Company policies


ASTRO srl aims to be an innovative product, process and service leader in its business field.

The Company, aware of the fact that a sustainable development stands on the constant improvement of the quality and reliability of the product and service, the full Customer satisfaction, the respect of legal prescriptions and every other conformity obligation, the security of a healthy and safe job for all employees, takes the commitment of constantly improving every undertaken activity, also with an Integrated Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 reference standards and inspired by the following principles :

-  Attention to the Customer: by understanding and possibly anticipating their needs, through products and services that meet the expectations of the Customer and the Market.

-  Reliability of the product: creating products in accordance with the requirements of the Customer and with the reference technical regulations.

-  Control of its environmental performances: by constantly promoting actions and activities leading to an ongoing enhancement concerning the use of energy and other energy resources, its emissions in the atmosphere, the industrial waste management.

-  Attention to the health and safety of the employees: by evaluating all the risks in the workplace and taking appropriate preventive actions for the preservation of health and safety in all working spaces.

-  Effective internal and external communication: engaging to always ensure an exchange of information and a sharing attitude with the employees, both internal and external collaborators and with all Institutions for gaining mutual benefit.

-  Careful resources management: valorising a collaborative attitude making everyone aware of their role in the organisation and guaranteeing high performance levels in all activities of the Company.

-  Efficiency of the System: reviewing, in fixed time spans, the Integrated Management System according to new Company goals and needs of the Market.

Astro engages in operating in full respect of the pertinent legislations, regulations and directives, both national and European, and making every possible improvement to its organisation, by keeping in utmost account the control of the productive cycle, the relationships with the Customers, the respect of the safety and health of its employees and the preservation of the environment, and by sharing its Policy with everyone who collaborates and engages any kind of relationship with the Company.


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