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LT. 370

Homologated GIR for transport of dangerous products (*)
Reinforced Interior tank
in linear Polyethylene.
Totally anti-U.V – FDA Certified
monobloc (without any welding) moulded by rotational system.
Available colours (interior tank) : Natural White.

(*) Except checking of suitability to the transport of your product, by ADR advisor after having examinated its IMDG homologation certificate, available on this web page.

Overpressure valve at 0.2 bar.

Superior screw cover CPF 150 with gasket and without vent.

Applicable Outlet valves :

- Ball valve in PVC and PP (Ø1”-1¼”-1½”-2”)
- Ball valve in INOX 316 and nickel-brass (Ø1”-1¼”-1½”)

Frame ONU type, antacid painted
(optional : galvanized or Inox) equipped with :
- Lifting rings;
- Interior tank block ;
- overturning feet;
- ONU plaque;

External dimensions in mm: 740 x 740 x 1325 H