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A/10 ONU
LT. 1000

Homologated GIR for transport of dangerous products (*) 
Reinforced Interior tank
in linear Polyethylene.
Totally anti-U.V – FDA Certified
monobloc (without any welding) moulded by rotational system.
Available colours (interior tank) : Natural White.

(*) Except checking of suitability to the transport of your product, by ADR advisor after having examinated its IMDG/ADR homologation certificates, available on this web page.

Overpressure valve at 0.2 bar.

Superior screw cover CPF 150 with gasket and without vent.

Applicable Outlet valves :

- Ball valve in PVC and PP (Ø1”-1¼”-1½”-2”)
- Ball valve in INOX 316 and nickel-brass (Ø1”-1¼”-1½”)

Frame ONU type, antacid painted
(optional : galvanized or Inox) equipped with :
- Lifting rings;
- Interior tank block ;
- overturning feet;
- ONU plaque;

External dimensions in mm: 985 x 1195 x 1360 H