Astro is a certified ISO 9001 : 2015   and   ISO 45001 : 2018 Company.

For over 40 years Astro has been producing tanks, containers and safety vessels using the Rotational System, in high-quality and totally recyclable virgin Linear Polyethylene, specifically for the storage of chemical products ( even very aggressive ones ), as well as being suitable for contact with foods in accordance with the latest relevant regulations, such as EN 10 / 2011, EC 1935:2004, FDA. The resulting product will be monolithic, so without any welds or joints, with a high mechanical strength, remarkable elasticity and impact resistance; it is a 100 % UV-stabilised product, therefore unalterable over time, even after long exposure to the weather.

The Astro product is now considered by our international Clients to be top of the line in the major fields of the CHEMICAL, PHARMACEUTICAL, TEXTILE, COSMETIC, and FOOD Industries all over Europe, also through our Distributors on the territory, and in various non-EU countries such as the UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, USA...
The Company's activity covers the entire production process, including: the design and manufacture of moulds dedicated to individual products, their post-processing, which may also involve the application of a wide range of accessories available in the catalogue. The set-up will be completed with the supply of metal carpentry ( painted, galvanized or stainless steel ), that can be customised according to the most variable Customer requirements, and electrical systems to maintain the internal temperature, for those mediums that may crystallise at low temperatures.
The growing and evolving product range, which is constantly updated in terms of technical and aesthetic features, now consists of more than 650 standard models with an unlimited number of variants and customisations.
Every single item can be manufactured in up to 5 different thickness versions ( and in 3 colours, Natural White, Granite Grey or Black ) to make it suitable for storing a wide range of products, even those with high specific weights or densities.
Granite Grey or Black Polyethylene pigmentations reduce the proliferation of micro-organisms in the water or the decay of the Acid Title due to the effect of sunlight.
Always evolving according to the times and the needs of the Market, the Company also holds the EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 Certification for metal structures with mandatory ground fixing and EN 13575:2012 for tanks.